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We are an agile team with extensive experience in China’s unique digital and social ecosystems across industries, including automotive, FMCG, healthcare and technology. We empower our people to cultivate their individuality and bring that unique spark of innovation to their work. Leveraging data and insight, we craft brand stories and connected experiences that span customer journeys and deliver measurable value at each touch point. We put consumers first and empower our clients to understand their audience as individuals so they can speak with their customers in ways that are simple yet meaningful.


1788 Nanjing West Road, 11th Floor

Shanghai, China 上海市南京西路1788号11层


Blake Stone-Banks, Managing Director

+86 13621215836
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1788 Nanjing West Road, 11th Floor, Shanghai, China 上海市南京西路1788号11层
1788 Nanjing West Road, 11th Floor, Shanghai, China 上海市南京西路1788号11层
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    Blake Stone-Banks

    Managing Director


    For over a decade, I have helped global brands craft unique compelling stories for the Chinese market. I have led branding, social, research, and strategy projects across a diverse range of industries from automotive to fashion to non-profit. A student of China for two decades, I am inspired by China’s swift transformation and innovation of extraordinary tools for data, insight and communication.

    Why I'm At RAPP

    China’s unique ecosystems and digital behaviors make this an incredibly exciting market to apply and evolve RAPP’s powerful social CRM and digital transformation toolset. I believe in the power of technology to positively transform our relationships with our brands, our institutions, our cultures and ourselves.

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