Because we fiercely believe in individuality

Every brand is different. And every consumer is too. That’s why we stand against bland, broad - brush generalizations and fight for solutions that adapt to the individual’s needs, beliefs, behaviors and aspirations. Our ideas are big, but still personal, unique, meaningful, individual–little, even. And we’ve got a million little big ideas.

About us
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We stand up for individuality within our agency

DE&I (diversity, equity and inclusion) is at the center of our process and our work. It fundamentally affects change for our own organization, the brands we serve and the industry at large. We know there’s magic in amplifying diverse perspectives and celebrating lived experiences. And we prove, through our craft, that those points of difference are truly valuable.

How we support DE&I
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And how we work is fiercely individual, too

We’re a creative bunch, but we also do Marketing Sciences really well. We’ve even got a Center of Excellence to prove it. So we’ve been able to develop unique data-powered tools and processes that help us to offer what no other marketing agency can. Here’s what we can do:

We can test how customer-centric you are accordion arrow

How well do you really know your customer? We can tell you. MiQ is our diagnostic tool that quantifies how customer-centric your brand is - literally giving you a number between 0-100. Next, we’ll work with you to improve that number.


Then we’ll look at your customer in 4D accordion arrow

We gather data on four key customer points: their life stage, value, channel preference and the purpose of the brand in their lives. That way we have a 360° view on who it is we’re talking to.

So we can adapt messaging for each individual accordion arrow

Using our Adaptive Persuasion™ tool, we can understand each individual’s profile and heuristics at any given moment - while respecting the rules and ethics of data privacy. This means we know exactly when and how to talk to each customer.

And create a continuous customer journey accordion arrow

A customer’s journey shouldn’t be linear. A successful journey is an infinite loop where they travel from purchase to preference and back again. We use our trademarked Affinity Loop® to plot your customer’s journey, using accumulated data to uncover how to move your customer from one point on the loop to the next - or reveal what might be blocking them from doing so.

We can improve your brand’s value accordion arrow

We’ve spent the last 10 years conducting a whole bunch of research into how customers perceive value - and not only when it comes to price. We’ve uncovered five value levers, and we use these to create better experiences for your customer and improve their perception of your brand’s value.

And we can get to great ideas, fast accordion arrow

We offer a creative two-day workshop called Propulsion, where we collaborate with you to create ideas and test them, there and then. This live customer feedback means we get to better ideas in record time.

And we always ensure privacy is paramount accordion arrow

Data privacy is vital. We help you go beyond compliancy and embrace the ethics required, while still unlocking valuable customer data.

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We’re constantly innovating and evolving

Technology never sits still. And neither do we. Our Marketing Sciences Center of Excellence (COE) is a hive of innovation. Designed to offer specialized services at scale, here we focus on cultivating advanced capabilities, developing proprietary methodologies and conducting product research and development on behalf of the broader network. Once we’ve honed a product or way of working to perfection, it’s launched into the agency network so our global clients can reap the benefits. For more detail on what we do at our COE, click below.  

Proprietary Research and Intelligence Solutions accordion arrow

We have a suite of codified and data-driven intelligence products designed to drive strategic decision making, fuel modern experience design and inspire creativity. These foundational inputs range from customer profiling, journey diagnostics and custom primary research, to social intelligence, category monitoring and competitive tracking. 

Analytics Consulting accordion arrow

This is our systematic method and approach to assessing, documenting and evaluating a client’s current state of Marketing Sciences capabilities, and developing a roadmap for progress. We’ll help to develop analytics dictionaries, offer support for vendor selection and management, evaluate existing data, create technical roadmaps and formally assess existing statistical methodologies.

Specialized Capabilities accordion arrow

These advanced and adjacent capabilities are centralized at the COE for scale. They include data science and advanced analytics (such as predictive modelling, customer segmentation, forecasting and attribution), primary research, and analytics enablement, visualization and automation. 

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And we have experts across the globe

Our people are true leaders in their fields – from tech and marketing sciences to healthcare and DE&I. Connect with them below.