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Global creative agency RAPP proves that healthcare is not a one size fits all category

Erica Kraus

November 29, 2022

Erica Kraus is the SVP, US Health Strategy Lead at RAPP. Her specialty is brand positioning as well as enabling clients and agency partners to make meaningful impact for individuals. Addressing diversity in the healthcare space and why it is important for advertisers to acknowledge and understand, Erica discusses how RAPP attempts to communicate its importance in the advertising industry. 

How does RAPP address diversity in the healthcare space through advertising? 

RAPP is an agency all about the individual, so diversity is at the heart of everything we do. In health, we challenge ourselves to understand customers as whole people. What condition might they have — and also, where do they live? What are their interests? Culture? Channel preferences? Do they have sufficient access to quality healthcare? Is our work ADA compliant? Are the pronouns we use inclusive enough? We ask ourselves many questions, so that we find the right opportunities for a brand to earn a role in their lives.  

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