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RAPP NY's Devin O'Loughlin at Digiday's NY Advertising Week panel – Ask a Millennial: Live!

October 02, 2015

On Wednesday, September 30th, RAPP NY’s Devin O’Loughlin sat on an Advertising Week panel with Digiday – “Ask a Millenial: Live!” – at the Hard Rock Café.

Three other Millennials sat on the panel with O’Loughlin, fielding questions from both the moderator and the audience about life in the ad industry, as an ever-elusive “Millennial.”

Some words of advice to the group, from O’Loughlin, span supervisor-to-direct-report relationships, to culture, to making waves:

“Making a difference and being heard go hand in hand.”

The boss-employee relationship isn’t as formal as it used to be… “we’re cool.”

“Agencies should harness young employees’ zest!”

“If you’re planning things, it’s always going to feel a little forced (…) the differentiator is culture.”

Following the event, O’Loughlin caught up with Digiday to contribute to a short clip about what Millennials are looking for from their agencies. Watch it here!

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