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RAPP's EVP of Human Resources, Carolyn Doud, sits down with Adweek

September 29, 2015

AdWeek discusses what makes for the best jobs – and the best hires, with Doud…

“Adweek: What led you to the agency world after working in consumer products with Avon and ConAgra Foods? 
Carolyn Doud: A lot of things came together at once for me. I started my career as part of a professional services practice, but I was always drawn to consumer marketing and, after going client-side, I got excited about working for companies that are constantly looking to evolve. That's what took me to my positions at ConAgra and Avon, which was about being a member of a truly global organization. When I started thinking about the "next thing" for me, the idea of being in a great creative environment that places a high premium on talent to differentiate itself from the competition was a top priority.

What do you look for in new hires? 
From a leadership perspective, what's important is a balance and a sensitivity to the importance of people and personal development as part of how they would grow the business. The work is absolutely what we do, but the people are how that work happens. I always focus on how someone reads: Are they informed, do they produce content and are they heavy communicators with their teams? At the end of the day, we are a business and there is a very specific focus at any agency around creating value for clients. So I am interested in not only understanding a candidate's subject matter expertise but how they think about growing the business and how they maintain the ability to look at things through a lens other than that which they have lived.”

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