Powerless. Anxious. Defeated.

That’s how the parents or caregivers of a child with a peanut allergy felt every day. But there was a treatment that could help. They just didn’t know about it yet. So we had to help raise awareness of the first and only FDA-approved peanut allergy treatment, Aimmune Therapeutics’ PALFORZIA.

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Taking the power back from peanuts

Families assemble! It’s time to take on peanut allergy, put anxiety aside, and live your best lives. How? Power up with PALFORZIA. With a targeted DTC campaign, and a media strategy powered by OMD, we helped caregivers and their children take the power back from peanuts.

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The results were powerful, too

The campaign increased PALFORZIA website traffic by approx. 154% per month, user engagement by 73%, and returning traffic by 1,006%. The power of the campaign in building awareness is clear to see, but the most valuable result was the renewed assurance PALFORZIA gave to anxious children, parents, and caregivers.

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