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The Greenhouse podcast: Talent Makers, featuring Tony Hobley and Lori Bring

October 03, 2022

Talent Makers are leaders who believe that talent is their top business priority. Rather than seeing hiring solely as the role of People teams, Talent Makers champion better hiring and strengthen DE&I across their entire organizations to achieve business success. On the Greenhouse Talent Makers podcast, join host Micah Gebreyes, Senior Manager of Editorial Content at Greenhouse, as she sits down with hiring managers and recruiters who are changing the game in diverse and inclusive hiring.

In this episode, Micah is joined by Tony Hobley, Chief DEI Officer at Omnicom Precision Marketing Group and Lori Bring, VP of Talent Acquisition at RAPP (an Omnicom company), to discuss the importance of value alignment within a business and how to dismantle the myth of diversity versus quality.

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