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Adland says representation matters, so why isn’t the talent in the room?

Devin O'Loughlin

June 20, 2022

It’s shocking that an industry tasked with promoting diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) to the masses remains painfully homogenized behind the curtain, but that’s the truth in advertising halfway through 2022. What, then, can agencies do to reverse this wretched reality and infuse themselves with the DE&I necessary to accurately reflect the society we live in?

Where are the depictions of older people, disabled people or the LGBTQ+ community in mass marketing? Agencies obviously haven’t nailed the wide spectrum of representation. But it is improving, and plenty of major agencies have started to lay the necessary groundwork for bringing talent with more diverse backgrounds and perspectives into their creative teams through initiatives such as building relationships with target universities, academies and other groups. But it’s obvious that most agencies are still predominantly white.

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