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May 03, 2021

"There’s more competition than ever for consumers’ attention, and marketing leaders are having to not only shift their funding dollars, but also rethink marketing strategies on how to stay relevant given the revolution we find happening around us.

Traditionally, marketing teams have been drawn to the bigger, sexier parts of the practice (think Super Bowl commercials).

However, as our industry evolves, we see the emergence of a new type of marketer who is consumer-obsessed and data-focused.

As audiences evolve and demand new skills from their brands, a significant majority of consumers (80%) now expect personalized content

Simply seeking ever-sexier graphics and bigger budgets will no longer cut it.

We need to deliver on the need for precision marketing and connect with our consumers in a meaningful way at every step of the journey using our most valuable asset: data.

As this dynamic shifts in the marketplace, we need to be cognizant of how our careers should evolve to keep up at the same time!"

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