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An extravert’s journey from #teamoffice to appreciating the hybrid life

November 11, 2021

by Katy Dunn, Strategy Partner, RAPP

I’m one of those rare people who couldn’t wait to get back to the office after lockdown.

Yes, I’m an extravert. So adapting to home working after 15 years of office-based life was a real shock to the system. Along with many practical concerns – Whose turn is it to take the spare room? What do you eat for lunch when there’s no Itsu? How can you hit 10,000 steps when it only takes 15 to reach your desk? – I had to adjust to a life without all the external stimulation and social interaction which keep me energised.

Fast forward 18 months… At RAPP, we’d been working towards a hybrid return to work, culminating in our own Freshers Week in September. So throughout the summer, I’d monitored these plans hungrily, excited to get back.

I very much believed that, once I could, I would go back to the office as much as possible. Because, as an extravert, I need to be around people to do a great job. Don’t I?

Week one arrived, and I went to the office twice. On both days I saw colleagues I have missed, met our not-so-new starters, and finally got my Itsu lunch. Aside from that, however, I had two very different experiences.

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