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August 14, 2019

By Sav Banerjee, Director, Experience Strategy, RAPP NY

Historically, the value exchange between brands and consumers has tended to favor the former, but in the digital age, that’s no longer the case. The modern consumer is armed with unprecedented access to information and seemingly infinite avenues for expression. Brands are now forced to pay attention to the individual consumer, because the individual consumer can no longer be ignored.

In short, access to information and knowledge makes the individual fearless as we hurtle toward 2020. No longer do people need to be afraid of the unknown, and they’re using this reality to usher in a whole new era of consumer confidence.

At RAPP, we accept this as a wonderful thing. We stand up for individuality, and we are fearless in this pursuit. As specialists in customer relationship management and customer-managed relationships, we believe solutions that empower individuals bring the most value to our clients and their customers. But we’re not the only ones to cast fear aside.

In a world where high-profile data breaches are almost quotidian and privacy concerns fuel legislative battles between regulators and tech titans, a growing number of consumers don’t think twice about handing over personal data to access a website or about asking Alexa to play their favorite music. As startling as this reality may be, it’s a blatant reminder that consumers today demand and refuse to live without convenience and engaging experiences — and they’re willing to take risks to get them.

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