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Identity management and marketing attribution in the cookieless world

August 03, 2023

As agency and consultancy partners within Omnicom’s Precision Marketing Group, RAPP and Credera are honored to have sent Greg Kaufman (SVP, Analytics Enablement) and David Niepel (Senior Manager, MarTech) as co-panelists to Tealium’s 2023 Partner Showcase.  Within the rapidly changing data privacy landscape, brands are increasingly challenged to manage consumer identities and support holistic marketing attribution.  Greg and David addressed questions on how to navigate and thrive in the new data world.

We meet with business leaders all the time who ask “what can we do now to ensure our digital stack is prepared for the cookieless world?”  RAPP and Credera are excited to share this downloadable PDF which provides a bit of education on what is changing, while recommending clear areas to focus on as you start or evolve your future-proofing journey.

Are you worried about how to manage customer relationships and precision marketing in the face of Google’s Privacy Sandbox and 2024 deprecation of third-party cookies, Apple’s coming iOS 17 release of Link Tracking Protection, the rise of AI/ML-based data imputation techniques, or other aspects of the rapidly evolving data privacy and measurement landscape?  If so, this PDF is a great resource.

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