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The ‘cookie apocalypse’ will improve the future of marketing

August 02, 2021

Third-party cookies have been giving marketing a bad name for too long now. Consumers are still being chased around the internet by adverts for things they’ve actually bought. Customer experience is still rudely interrupted by ridiculous cookie consent buttons we now all just automatically click away with annoyance (anyone actually read one of those things lately?). And marketers continue to kid themselves that they are delivering personalized experiences based on a handful of tiny snippets of data combined with a hefty dose of linear assumption.

So when we enter the post-cookie era in 2022, marketing will change forever. And if – like any good survivor group – we’re sufficiently prepared, the future actually looks pretty good. There are some learnings from the zombie apocalypse world we can apply to our post-cookie marketing world. Here are five that provide hope and direction for marketers facing the so-called cookie apocalypse:

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