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RAPP named MM+M top 100 agency 2022

June 07, 2022

For some people, evidence is everything. And for Angela Campbell, Rapp’s newly hired creative director, the year’s best proof point landed in her inbox in the early spring. It was an analysis of work her team had just done for Taltz, an Eli Lilly brand that treats moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. 

“There’s often a little doubt in the back of your mind,” she says. “You think, ‘Is this really having any impact on patients?’” 

But Rapp’s work on behalf of the drug, which included site optimization, had paid off. “People weren’t just going to the site, they were going to the ‘find a doctor’ section and we had improved it significantly. And that’s why I joined Rapp. I want to do work that I’m certain impacts the patient.”

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