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November 15, 2016

Sam Inshassi, Senior Copywriter at RAPP NY, and Martin Fleming, Copywriter at RAPP UK, attended The Drum’s Plan It and Do It Day, where industry professionals are tasked with solving organizational challenges that could help make the world a better place – in one day.

Both attendees shared their experiences with The Drum.

Amnesty International posed Sam’s team with the challenge of changing the perception of refugees in the US. She shares, “As a first-generation Arab-American, who’s had first-hand exposure to the struggles of refugees and immigrants, this cause was close to my heart and, as such, I brought a lot of experience and insight to the table when brainstorming. But I wasn’t alone.”

Martin was challenged with Airbnb’s brief of finding a way to encourage hosts to promote local businesses. He explains, “While we worked, I realized quickly that solving the problem wasn’t the only goal. The point was to strip away the distractions of an office, neglect the dozens of daily meetings, the interruptions, the restrictions, that voice in the back of our heads that tells us that something can’t be done and just start."

Read more about Sam’s and Martin’s experiences here.

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