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The secret to heightened, scalable personalization? Standardization

Jay Ro

June 29, 2022

Customers have always valued personalized experiences. Now, though, marketers can deliver personalization in far more scalable ways than they could just 10 years ago.

Thanks to advances in technology, engineering, and — perhaps most importantly — AI and ML capabilities, platforms and brands can individualize interfaces to meet users’ needs. From websites that serve up unique, relevant content to audience-based custom color palette pages and themes, personalization tools are everywhere. And they’re driving customers through every stage of the marketing funnel.

Here’s the issue, though: Without a standardized approach to measuring all this personalization, marketers risk losing opportunities to connect and optimize their approaches. Certainly, being able to drive personalized experiences is key. Nevertheless, being able to measure personalization tactics’ effectiveness is vital to linking individualization to a bottom-line business impact.

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