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IWD 2024: Rocking up with ‘girl boss’ swag not enough

March 08, 2024

Finally to Rapp associate director of DE&I US/UK Allison Gilbert, who is in no doubt that the census outcomes indicate a real lack of critical appreciation for how DE&I shapes an agency’s prospects and bottom line. It’s no coincidence that we’ve seen an industry downturn in this same period, she stresses.

Gilbert added: “Rocking up with the best of intentions and shelling out cash on high-profile guest speakers, lectures on confidence and ‘girl boss’ swag (seriously, please stop) aren’t up to scratch for the task at hand. We know that business norms and conventions have been designed to exploit inequality; it’s on all of us to course correct and build businesses fit for the future.

“Fundamentally, agencies need to be real with themselves about committing to business transformation. Partner with your DE&I practitioners to co-craft infrastructure, deliver transparency and generate true enablement. Abandon a scarcity mindset, listen to understand, centre your people’s needs in the bold changes you make – and don’t be the agency that waits for everyone else to do it first.”

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