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It’s on all of us: Four ways employers can help prevent male violence against women

April 22, 2021

"Our industry has been scarred by the kidnapping and murder of Sarah Everard. As an advertising executive, she was one of our own.

Businesses, brands and employers are sitting up and asking themselves what their role is in ending violence against women. The answer is that there is much to be done.

According to a recent survey by UN Women UK, 86% of women in Britain have reported experiencing sexual harassment in public, though I would argue that figure is closer to 100%, as women and girls have been conditioned to accept harassment as a fact of life.

As a society we need to alter our perception of what constitutes harassment, violence and abuse. We also need to help ourselves to see the bigger picture, to examine the systems and constructs that maintain the status quo of misogyny and discrimination that ultimately concludes with violence against women."

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