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Standing up for diversity: having the confidence to do the right thing

Gabby Ludzker

Gabby Ludzker

October 24, 2022

But UK consumers also expect brands to do way more than just inclusive representation - they expect it to be part of your brand’s DNA. Tain Joliffe, Diversity Strategy Director at RAPP highlighted “the critical belief that brands need to build beyond the hygiene factor and engage with DE&I strategies authentically; ensuring it bleeds through their whole organisation and value system.”  This includes holding themselves accountable (75% agree), working with appropriate partners (75%), being transparent about plans in the future (74%) and building a diverse workforce (71%).

The research ultimately revealed what we call The Brand Inclusion Gap – the difference between the advancements in DE&I that brands are making and consumer expectations.

The following critical findings outline why DE&I is so important to brands:

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