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Why sponsorship is winning over mentorship in DEI efforts

September 19, 2022

Many employers are formalizing sponsorship programs as a way to achieve better diversity, equity and inclusion, within management and the highest ranks of organizations. It’s an issue with increasing prominence, in part because so many generational cohorts place significant value on working for a company with strong DE&I commitments.

One recent example is Nicole Simpson’s recent launch of The Table Makers. It’s a formal sponsorship program, at the creative marketing agency RAPP Worldwide, that started gathering applicants from participants this month.

“If you look at any company’s diversity numbers you see a steep dropoff from the professional level to mid-level manager and a steeper decline to executive level,” Simpson, RAPP’s director of DE&I. “If you’re really serious about improving your succession planning and making the executive leadership team more diverse, you have to do that work with intention.”

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