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A call to action for all DE&I leaders

Nicole Simpson

August 22, 2022

When George Floyd was murdered, I felt something inside me break open. I looked at my three beautiful Black children and knew that I would have to explain to them sooner than I’d like to that there are people in the world who will view them as a threat because of the colour of their skin.

I also knew that I had a responsibility to them to try to make a difference in any way I could. Now, two years later, that has morphed into me finding my voice and understanding the impact I could have from my front line – corporate America.  

I saw the change my father was able to create 30 years previously at Johnson & Johnson through his creation of a pipeline that recruited Black talent from HBCUs and set them on a clear path to growth and development. Through that programme, his legacy has lived on long past his death twenty years ago, and it struck me that I, too, had the opportunity to begin to create a legacy of my own.

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