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Could your agency be at the forefront of the future of work?

Erica Walker

February 13, 2024

Forward-thinking agency leaders have seen the future of work — and it isn’t the factory work model of the Industrial Revolution.

Developed for efficiency and standardization, the factory model historically made sense. Goods that were once made by hand were crafted with the help of machines and assembly lines, so efficiency and standardization become paramount to the success of a factory. As a by-product, personalization and creativity didn’t have a home in this environment.

Today, this model is outdated and is losing ground to the hybrid work model. The hybrid model excels by customizing its approach to individual needs and team dynamics, making it especially useful for organizations in creative fields like marketing and advertising. In fact, advertising agencies are poised to lead the way and show companies inside and outside the industry how to leverage hybrid work to create a more agile, inclusive, and resilient workplace environment.

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