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Creativity in a hybrid world: how to foster collaboration

Mindy Sears

Mindy Sears

April 14, 2022

With hybrid workplaces fast becoming the norm, corporations, marketing firms, and advertising agencies are wondering how to adapt and maintain creativity within a new type of professional environment.

Before the pandemic, teams could connect over projects by going out for drinks, playing ping-pong, or brainstorming over takeout. Now, there are times we assign creative teams who barely know one another outside of a Zoom call. As a result, some of the interpersonal connection that bonds creative teams gets lost.

Additionally, agencies are concerned about Zoom calls hindering creativity. Typical brainstorm sessions with tactical objects like doodle pads, Post-Its, and markers have been replaced by digital tools like Miro and Teams. As you can imagine (and probably understand from firsthand experience by now), a bit of the magic can get lost in this process when trying to connect partially in person and with a remote team.

Agencies need to find ways to inspire innovation and individuality in hybrid workplaces. By facilitating choices of venues for connections and team-building, agencies can tap into their teams’ creativity for better cohesion and more enlightened work.

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