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April 20, 2016

As RAPP Dubai settles into their new office, Gulf Marketing Review and Communicate Magazine investigate RAPP’s offerings and welcome our new locale to the RAPP family.

Tremendous progress has already been made with RAPP Dubai – they’re strengthening their presence in the MEA region and have acquired the proper talent for expansion and success. According to RAPP Global CEO, Alexei Orlov, “clients look for three things in an agency: the talent, the right technologies to support that talent and reach in terms of services and geography.” RAPP Dubai fulfills these three pillars with ease.

The Dubai office will be following RAPP’s methodologies and will put CMR (Customer-Managed Relationships) at the core of its business; essentially giving customers the power and continuing to push us towards an opt-in world.

Diskha Dua, Managing Director at RAPP Dubai, explains this shift in Gulf Marketing Review, “CMR, from a strategy perspective, is about helping reach the addressable market. It is about delivering that 5% of magic that differentiates an experience, and helps to perfectly align brands and people.”

We’re proud to have RAPP Dubai as part of our network!

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