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DE&I isn't just a U.S. problem to solve

Devin O'Loughlin

May 02, 2023

When it comes to corporate diversity, equity and inclusion, the one-size-fits all approach has never worked -- a fact that’s specially true when we examine it on a global scale. After three-plus years of DE&I being a priority for many companies, we’re at an inflection point where, due to global economic uncertainty, many are reevaluating their DE&I practices.

Perhaps, as a DE&I practitioner, I’m biased, but to me a time of uncertainty signals the need to double-down on DE&I and provides an opportunity to hone your strategy. By doing so, companies can support talent attraction and retention as well as create a competitive edge and ensure their programs and processes are part of an organization’s global success. So, what does integrated DE&I look like across the world? Can a DE&I practice truly be global?

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