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3 ways to solicit the feedback you need for professional growth

May 24, 2022

Growth is rarely easy; if it were, everyone would do it. When you’re ambitious at work and volunteer to take on more than your role demands, management will notice—and you’ll feel more engaged with your work, too. When people push themselves to find new limits, that’s when real advancements are made in terms of their professional (and often, personal) growth. The next time the boss solicits some help with a special project or new initiative, raise your hand, even if it makes you a little nervous. Better yet, seek out those opportunities proactively to really showcase your desire to learn, grow and serve as a critical part of the team.

“By leaving our comfort zones, our brains will kick into learning mode, which can change our perspectives and allow our minds to grasp new processes and creative concepts,” says Carla Patton, director of people at RAPP, a global marketing and advertising agency. “This is extremely important: A learning mind is a happy mind. Unlocking our learning modes can help us improve our work ethic and our overall mood toward the creative work we complete.”

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