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August 10, 2021

As we emerge back into the world, it’s surprising how quickly many of the resolutions and improving habits we adopted during lockdown may have been dropped. The spike in charity donations, the community outreach, the new-found appreciation for nature, the bread-making, have, in many cases, fallen by wayside as the focus shifts to social gatherings and much anticipated travel plans.

It’s human nature to fall back into old habits when the opportunity presents itself and we return to a more familiar world. But, when it comes to the ad industry, let’s hope the return to the workplace does not also bring with it a resumption of pre pandemic business as usual. 

We’ve had so many discussions in adland over the past year-and-a-half around the systemic problems we face, from tackling the lack of diversity, equity and inclusivity to entirely rethinking the agency model. 

The upside of lockdown was that it offered, no in fact forced a new perspective. Some of us found it easier to think creatively and look at things differently. Flexible working was embraced and the focus was on encouraging people to open up about their work life balance and wellbeing.

But in spite of the new promises and commitments so many agencies, including ourselves at Rapp, have been making, is this industry really capable of systemic change? Can we really move away from what came before?

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