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Transparency is the Foundation: David Anders

August 31, 2021

How would you define your role, is it simply about bringing new clients into the agency or is it more nuanced? Please tell us about your responsibilities. 

I shifted into my role as EVP Business Development, North America, for RAPP at the end of 2020, having previously led client partnerships for an Omnicom sister agency. I’m responsible for building relationships that drive growth potential for our offices in the United States, and for stewarding our process for successfully converting new opportunities. That means that I spend a fair amount of my time connecting with leaders across Omnicom, looking for ways that RAPP might bring value to existing clients and/or in partnering to go after something new. It’s also important for me to establish, maintain and grow our relationship with agency search consultants and industry influencers. So much of our business is truly relationship-oriented. It’s critical for us to stay connected and top-of-mind, and to demonstrate our expertise and trustworthiness.

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