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April 08, 2021

by Shiona McDougall, Global Chief Strategy Officer, RAPP UK

"Hands up if working from home has felt a bit like living at work this year?

The events of 2020 didn’t just disrupt where we work, it disrupted our entire personal ecosystems. Depending on your individual situation (office space? Kids at home?) and even your personality (introverts have fared better than extroverts), you may have adjusted better or worse to the world we now seem to be living in at least semi-permanently. 

But it’s not as simple as just switching to Teams meetings and Mural whiteboards and getting on with it. Ecosystems are delicate and complex and there are some things from the pre-Covid ecosystem that were important and beneficial, perhaps without us knowing or realising quite how much. So if not exactly a silver lining out of the shit-storm that was 2020, I’ve become more conscious of my own ecosystem, and that included some lost moments of play. 

Lost moments of play

I used to play online poker on my commute. Just 15 mins at a time while I was on the train. It was never going to make me rich – I mostly play for pretend money anyway – and I’m not that good but it’s a thing I used to do that has been erased from my ecosystem thanks to Covid. 

What if playtime could literally make your brain bigger? What if playtime could make you smarter? What if playtime could improve your problem solving skills? What if playtime enhanced your ability to think through “what if” scenarios?" 

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