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Retail media is not only an acquisition play, but a retention play for brands and the services they offer.

Melissa Marano

March 05, 2024

Customer data, in-store and online activations, multiple brand touch points and personalization have fueled growth of retail media and its potential. Checking in with Melissa Marano, VP of Experience Strategy at RAPP, she speaks on personalization of the brand experience for a better customer buying journey.

In your opinion, what has been the catalyst for this explosive growth of retail media?

Relevancy. When we think about our customer across different moments in their shopping lifecycle, they win in the retail media system because they receive more personalized advertising without sacrificing more personal data. As customers shop, or browse, retail media networks are taking each of those signals to serve them the most pertinent next best action. Every site can be the start of a search (not just traditional search engines). This is powerful stuff – not just to the brand, but to the overall CX.

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