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Representation, democratisation and the need to do less, better

October 07, 2022

DEI needs a broad skill set and here is why...

Last year Devin O’Loughlin spoke to DiversityQ about how RAPP was one of the few advertising agencies actively driving DEI. We caught up with her to find out what, if anything, had changed in the industry generally.

To truly embrace DEI, advertising agencies need to democratise it to create accountability and achieve true representation.

That is the view of Devin O’Loughlin, who points out: “If you don’t have representation, it impacts the work that you produce, what the clients put out and the culture. That said, realising that it is an issue, devising a plan to address it, and implementing it is a very long tail. There must be a systemic seismic shift in how organisations are structured.”

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