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RAPP's ethos of 'standing up for individuality' drives their unique approach to depicting the many faces of parenthood

May 26, 2023

Shari Reichenberg, Regional President at RAPP East, shares how her experiences as a parent shapes her inclusive approach to work, and sheds light on the modern challenges Millennial parents are faced with today.

How has the depiction of parenthood in advertising evolved?

Advertising has certainly come a long way from depicting parenthood from an outside-in view of the “perfect mother” who spends her days cleaning her beautiful home and thoughtfully preparing her kids’ snacks and laundry. In recent years, we’ve seen more honest and realistic portrayals of parenting, from the presence of breastfeeding and postpartum bodies, to references to maternal mental health, to the presence of dads or co-parents, to generally acknowledging the ways in which parenting is often difficult. Saucony’s “Marathon That Never Ends,” and Nike’s tribute to the “toughest athletes” that launched its maternity line last year are examples of this last point.

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