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RAPP and OPMG Hispanic ERG: Juntos teams up to celebrate the intersectionality of the Hispanic community

Paola Venturini

October 04, 2022

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we tapped multicultural agencies to learn more about their brand DNA and how they celebrate their culture through their work. Paola Venturini, Senior Art Director at RAPP, givs us a glimpse into RAPP's mission to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Can you tell us about your role and your journey to the position you are in now?

I’m a Senior Art Director at RAPP NY. I started at the company as an intern in Dallas 3 years ago, where I went full time, then transferred to the NY to become an Art Director. RAPP has been with me in all the steps of my career journey. 

In what ways does your heritage help to better inform your work and what parts of your work do you feel the most connected to?

My heritage helps me better inform my work by giving me awareness of other cultures and different audiences a product can have. Having a diversity hat on every work created is important to reach and connect with other people. 

What I feel most connected to in my work is the human aspect. Creating relatable concepts and finding joyful nuggets is what drives me and excites me most about my job as an Art Director. 

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