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On Zoom or in the room? Brains behind adland’s major account reviews on future of pitching

September 21, 2021

"The London Underground is full again. Tired people are toiling in gray offices again. Normal service has – maybe, potentially, sort of – returned. For adland, that has included the return of pitches and client review meetings in person, at least in some parts of the world. But according to review specialists from across the global industry, it‘s unlikely we‘ll ever see in-person reviews and pitches make a permanent comeback.

Tom Denford is chief executive officer of management consultancy ID Comms. Based in upstate New York, he‘s become used to managing these processes at a distance. Over the last 18 months, ID Comms has run reviews for T-Mobile, Hershey‘s, Facebook, Burberry, Lindt and IMG – all of which were entirely virtual. Despite having seen the pitching and review process evolve over 12 years in the job, he‘s been taken aback at the willingness of clients to make big-budget calls without ever meeting prospective agency partners, and the capacity of competing parties to adapt."

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