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How do you solve a problem like... eroding customer loyalty?

Nic Climer

Nic Climer

January 25, 2022

Each week, we ask agency experts for their advice on real problems facing today’s marketing practitioners. This week, we ask readers how they plan on serving potentially disloyal customers.

Customers are fickler than ever when it comes to consumer brands. The web has made it easier than ever to switch providers or brands, and easier again to publicize poor service – consider the uproar the other week when energy supplier E.On sent customers socks to help them cope with Britain’s spiraling energy crisis.

However, though consumers typically aren’t keen on constant communication with corporate entities, keeping so quiet as not to antagonize customers with too-frequent updates isn’t a viable strategy. So, how do you get that balance consistently right?

How can marketers harness customer loyalty for the good of their brands, while not leaning too heavily on those same customers?

How do you solve a problem like... eroding customer loyalty?

Nic Climer, executive creative director, RAPP Dallas

I am hypersensitive to the ways brands try and often fail at deepening my loyalty to them. Those who pound me with just deals and offers are the first to get turned off. But those who send me unique, targeted, very personalized content – I open and read just about every time. That to me is the key – having a real conversation with your customer. No different than building a friendship. You have to keep in touch, and there are peaks and valleys to those check ins. If it’s natural and not forced, you can deepen the connection and grow unlimited loyalty.

I look back at the previous answer. Like any good friendship, if you spend too much time together, you will probably need a break. You have to know when to make the heart grow fonder, so to speak. Each product and brand is unique, just like the people they need to build their brands. Be a friend, bring value, bring joy. Otherwise, you are just noise.

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