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January 07, 2021

"Ok, let’s now jump to the core part of our interview. In a nutshell, how would you define the difference between brand marketing (branding) and product marketing (advertising)? Can you explain?

A brand is the collective result of all interactions you have with a specific product or service. And that includes both your brand marketing and your advertising efforts, along with other marketing components. For me branding is essentially about defining who you are as a brand, how you look, what’s your voice is, what’s your key statement, how you sound, smell — and each of those elements should reflect your core values and what you stand for — ultimately influencing how people feel around your product or service. Advertising, on the other hand, is about active persuasion — where companies actively pay to make people listen about the things that may convince them to buy a product or service. They are both important and interdependent. In summary, branding is working holistically on your identity, while advertising is curating a projection of that identity to persuade consumers to buy.

Can you explain to our readers why it is important to invest resources and energy into building a brand, in addition to the general marketing and advertising efforts?

In a world that tends to progressively reject interrupting advertising, and as barriers to production and distribution are at its lowest, building a brand is essential to give businesses a sustainable profit margin. In addition to their advertising efforts, it is key that companies build brands by carefully mapping their customer journeys and then making sure every relevant touchpoint is carrying the essence of the brand, while providing a singular experience that is authentic to their DNA."

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