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The job of being a creative just got a lot more specialized

July 24, 2023

No stranger to experimentation and exploring innovative opportunities, RAPP utilizes AI tools to deliver holistic consumer experiences through cost-effective solutions. Chatting with Michael Couch, VP, Technology Strategy & Transformation at RAPP, we learn more about how the agency leverages tech and data into campaigns.

Does your agency encourage or deter the use of AI in your work? If applicable, how does your team integrate these tools into the creative process?

RAPP has a deep culture of experimentation and exploring innovative applications of technology to enable clients to deliver individualized experiences. We lead the charge for evolving towards true precision marketing, delivering holistic consumer experiences that align with human truths and individual preferences, leveraging technological advancements for cost-effective solutions. 

We have long used AI in our marketing sciences' ‘back-end’ to scale up our analytical capacity and help clients weave data-centric capabilities into tactical campaigns. Analysts have upskilled, adopted new tools, and enhanced their value propositions both at the campaign execution and enterprise level.

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