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June 17, 2015

RAPP UK Chief Technology Officer, John Markham, was honored as the “Marketing Technologist of the Year” at the 2015 DataIQ Talent Awards. The awards, which concluded the DataIQ Summer Summit conference, celebrated the UK’s top performers in data and honored individuals who use innovative data methods to drive performance.

Markham was recognized as the individual at the heart of successful marketing programs, with a rich understanding of process and automation and the ability to crack IT challenges and maintain a business-driven focus. He was particularly commended for his leadership in connecting data and technology to deliver innovative marketing solutions for clients.

John has more than twenty years of experience working in direct and digital marketing, CRM and data. At RAPP, he has been instrumental in the integration between digital development and creative teams to foster a collaborative and creative technology-led environment. Working for clients across fundraising, retail and healthcare, John has created many large-scale, global solutions – bridging the gap between offline and online and using customer behavior to drive personalized user experiences.

For UK client Mothercare, John worked with the client to map out the solution architecture and technology that went on to deliver a 36-month plan in just 12 months. He helped to introduce technology to deliver e-receipts at checkout, enable customer opt-in and capture essential customer data, such as the expected date of birth, that in turn drove the customer journey and personalized communications, offers and advice – all the way to the birth and beyond. Along with his own triumph, John was accordingly instrumental in Mothercare’s award accomplishments, winning over 10 awards to date.

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