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Influencer marketing and social media: what to leave in 2022

Al Mackie

Al Mackie

January 18, 2023

One old way of working I’d be happy to leave in 2022 is treating social media as some kind of digital dumping ground

It’s not good enough to just launch and leave campaigns these days. To me, that makes as much sense as spending hundreds of pounds on the latest wearable tech and then using it solely to count how many steps you do each day in January.

Instead, creative work needs to be seen as an ongoing process. Working with our tech team and analysts we can continually measure campaign images, headlines and more to find patterns of what works with which audience. The amount of detail you discover about how creative lands with different audiences is astounding — completely subconscious preferences, like introverts preferring a version where a particular object, like a TV screen, faces in the opposite direction to the version which extroverts find more engaging.

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