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The Great Resignation has made digital marketing roles in high demand—here's how to nail that interview

March 23, 2022

Across industries, workers are switching jobs at unprecedented rates. Nearly half of the workforce (44 percent) is said to be either looking for a new job or plan to leave soon, with multiple polls revealing employees are seeking higher pay, better culture, flexible work options, job security, and working for a company with a higher purpose.

To retain and attract new talent, digital marketing companies and agencies are making sure they cater to what potential employees want in a job. Dylan Harvey, director of human resources at Omnicom-owned ad agency RAPP, tells The Current that overall, there are efforts to increase compensation, introduce retention bonuses, add flexible working arrangements, build in more time off, and increase their focus on health, wellness, and career development.

The growth of the digital marketing sector is also providing plenty of opportunities for job seekers. As the pandemic forced industries to adopt virtual environments, it also accelerated the demand for marketers in digital roles.

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