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October 03, 2017

"In a world where consumer expectations have evolved beyond legal compliance before the law even comes into force, smart businesses are making the data value exchange a brand issue, not just a data one. With high-quality video content fast becoming the go-to way for brands to set out their stall on data collection and privacy, we expect to see attitudes to data privacy as a key trust indicator for brands in the future.

The most forward-thinking brands are using the5 levers of value identified by RAPP research to reset their data relationship with consumers, and to set themselves up for a more profitable future: 

  • CHOICE – help navigate the options available
  • CONTROL – recogniZe the consumer is in charge
  • COMMUNITY – connect with consumers on a societal level
  • CLARITY – use simple, plain English
  • CONVENIENCE – provide utility as a result of the data collected

Not only do these 5 levers reset the data relationship between consumers and brands, they can also help change the customer experience to further enhance the loyalty and profitability of customers. Millennials in particular are being attracted to brands with a more modern approach to the value exchange. 

With a more open, transparent and honest approach to data collection, the possibilities for brands to use that data in significantly more sophisticated ways become potentially valuable. 

AI capabilities available to most businesses either as part of their existing in-house technology or as a simple addition, mean that brands can be more responsive, more targeted and more adaptive in their communications with consumers. Our ability to go beyond propensity to recognize and respond in real time recognizing individual level, personal personality traits and to reflect that in the nature of our communications is proven to increase engagement and response. At RAPP we call this Adaptive Persuasion. 

There are a number of ways RAPP can help brands move forward into the post-GDPR world in order to harness the potential of consumer data to build brands, create value and deliver return on investment. From a simple data collection journey audit and recommendations or preference centre development, through to a reimagining of what loyalty means for your business or the co-creation of a ground-breaking Adaptive Persuasion program."

Learn how RAPP can help your brand move forward into the post-GDPR world with our white paper.

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