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Why all managers should get a Mental Health First Aid certification

November 18, 2021

Even before the pandemic, the stigma around mental health was starting to get lifted as more voices around the industry focused on the importance of voicing one's concerns, and seeking prompt help whenever possible.

If anything, the pandemic could only amplify that feeling. With more people suffering from loneliness and discouraging thoughts, mental health has taken the centre stage and it is now imperative for managers to get trained properly, so that employees can find support and assistance wherever needed.

In some corners of the industry, this has already started, and MFHA (Mental Health First Aid England) is providing comprehensive training to all those agencies and managers looking to learn more about mental health. Drawing on his recent Mental Health First Aider certification experience, Andrew Riddle shares below his perspective as a Managing Partner of RAPP about why all managers should do the same.

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