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Why a creative philosophy can drive your agency’s work and level of success

Hamish McCollester

Hamish McCollester

November 11, 2022

There’s no shortage of directional constructs that might help position agencies for success. Each one offers a roadmap of sorts for how to best shape, challenge, inspire, and support team members to reach their fullest potential and achieve the balance necessary to produce great work. A creative philosophy in particular is, competitively speaking, one of the most important focuses for an agency. It’s not only an outlook but offers a set of flexible tenets that people might use to guide how they ultimately approach often subjective goals.

Also, a creative philosophy doesn’t simply help guide work. It puts a stake in the ground and can define what an agency stands for with clients, prospects, and even employees. One shop, for example, may become the go-to agency for irresistibly shareable content, while another will garner most (if not all) of their business for producing Super Bowl-worthy spots. Then, there will be those that use their creative chops to drive maximum engagement and help build measurably stronger customer relationships. It’s all about locking into a realistic niche.

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