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What does a chief marketing science officer do all day? Rapp’s Amit Deshpande explains

Amit Deshpande

February 16, 2024

Marketing science is the application of data analysis and data science to solve marketing problems. The idea is to understand the individual to very granular levels of specificity and then use that insight to drive very differentiated experiences.

It brings the data science and creative aspects of marketing into one whole to drive impact.

I started in this space before it was cool. I was always good at math and science and I love solving problems using data and analysis. Prior to joining Rapp, I served as a partner and regional head at Blend360, and before that, I shaped marketing sciences disciplines at Epsilon and FedEx for 20 years.

Today, I report to the CEO of Rapp, Marco Scognamiglio, and lead a global team of marketing scientists from across the world. Depending on how you count it up between Rapp and OPMG, we’re between 250 and 1,000 people. We tap into the different markets of the world, not only because we have global clients but because we are always looking for the best possible talent.

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