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Troy Hitch

December 27, 2022

Crypto wallets have gotten a bad rap. Mostly because of their connection to “crypto” which has been a PR pariah as of late. But it’s also because they’re not particularly user-friendly and the landscape of options is chaotic, to say the least. However, at the heart of crypto wallets is a marketing transformation just waiting to happen. For consumers, these wallets are a revolution in how they connect to the world and control their own data. For advertisers, the decentralized principles at play present an existential opportunity. Here’s how savvy marketers can begin to wrap their heads around a consumer-controlled-data Web 3 world.

A Quick Primer on Crypto Wallets

A crypto wallet is the access point for an individual to interact with smart contracts on the blockchain. A simple text “address” serves as the unique ID that enables users to authenticate themselves on websites and apps, securely buy and sell NFTs, and trade crypto currencies. Some wallets are “cold”, stored on hardware devices safe from the internet. Others are “hot”, managed by software solutions like Metamask and are easily integrated into the online experience.

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