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The Year in Creativity, 2021

December 15, 2021

Stacey Sanders, Creative Director

Proud Of

Recently, our relationship with Toyota and Lexus expanded to include multiple business units, giving us the opportunity to create an agile, efficient and effective multi-channel framework for their customers. By being responsive to their customers' individual needs, and by operating with a unified vision, we're working toward helping them strengthen their consumer relationships at every turn. Under this new expanded partnership, our team has crafted an expansive library of innovative deliverables with heart and I am truly in awe of what we have accomplished in just 12 months.


There has been a great deal of work shining a light on domestic abuse in the last year and a half, and I applaud it all. However, the Canadian Women's Foundation's #SignalForHelp campaign is truly inspiring. By creating this hand signal that leaves no digital trail, they have provided a tool to allow people in danger to ask for help discreetly. While it is available to share across multiple social media platforms, the TikTok community's instructional and example videos provided a new level of awareness.

Excited For

Intelligent creative with an emphasis on the user experience will continue to be imperative to helping brands build actionable relationships with consumers. Inclusive and sustainable formats like short-form video and audio, along with data, will enhance personalized journeys. These tools along with the expansion of hybrid interactions will provide more accessible ways to meaningfully connect.

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