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The rising marketer’s guide to RAPP’s Emerging Leaders Program

November 08, 2022

Miller knew that if RAPP launched a program that would accept young adults, it could remove entry barriers for students who either could not, or did not want to invest in a traditional college experience.

“One of the biggest things I can tell [youth] is that there’s another life they can live—that’s the big thing,” said Christian Wimberly, the pilot program associate at RAPP. “I just feel like I can conquer the world. And many times people like me or people of my skin color don’t feel that way. They don’t feel like they can conquer. I feel like I can genuinely conquer the world, and the people around me would help me do that,” he said.

Wimberly had enrolled in college but ultimately decided it wasn’t for him and decided to drop out. He later met a RAPP employee at a youth community rally who introduced him to the agency and led him to apply.

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