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5 ways marketers can leverage gratitude to succeed

Kyla Jones

April 24, 2022

Gratitude Relationship Marketing Creates Emotional Connections: Kyla M. Jones

“Where Loyalty Relationship Marketing confirms and celebrates the length of the relationship (often with gifts or purchase discounts), Gratitude Relationship Marketing affirms the emotional connection valued within the relationship. If marketers solely rely on Loyalty, it marginalizes the “switchers”—those who switched brands during the pandemic. Brands should show gratitude toward those individuals who trusted them enough to switch at the height of uncertainty. Loyalty is the earned cheers and high fives; gratitude is the “just because” smile and hug. Gratitude fosters a greater purpose and closeness in the relationship, which brands should demonstrate to truly retain individuals.

[Brands and marketers should] create an onboarding experience where you intentionally give thanks for the actions completed and trust within the first 90 days. It’s a critical phase in the customer journey, setting the tone for deepening the relationship and building sustained loyalty. Beyond celebrating loyalty with surprise and delight discounts, reinforce the bond consumers are building with your brand by giving thanks and showing appreciation. The priority of mental health has rightfully shifted during the pandemic. So, send out positive vibes, infuse empathy and tenderness in communications, and create a warmth that transcends timelines and inboxes. It’s emotional intelligence that companies and marketers should create equitable space.

There are psychological, physical, and social benefits associated with gratitude. By leveraging gratitude, companies are fostering a space of radical acceptance and compassion—simply for being an individual rather than a top performer or loyal employee. Employees will feel a stronger connection to their day-to-day, realizing they are doing more than selling a product—they are helping to make a difference. Gratitude is the regenerative smile we all need during a time such as this.”

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