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Learning to rewire for this haywire world

Gabby Ludzker

Gabby Ludzker

May 05, 2022

This week I had the honour of chairing the Omniwomen + Allies Summit: Rewired 2022. The objective of the day was for leaders and future leaders to Rewire themselves for a Haywire World - to find the solutions, resources and inner strength to live and lead in this era of constant and relentless change. 

The American Military has a term for this period in our lives: VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity). Yet, as Sam Coniff, author and founder of Livity explained, there is a clear lack of emotion in that phrase. Our discomfort with the unknown and the unforeseeable exacerbates some very negative behaviour in the boardroom; behaviour we all recognise in some of our colleagues or indeed in ourselves sometimes. 

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