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How will the adoption of generative AI continue to shift the digital media landscape?

December 19, 2023

With the rapid evolution of technology, the adoption of AI tools in advertising has opened the door for new opportunities, as well as new challenges. Checking in with industry experts, we asked agencies for their predictions on how the deployment of AI will evolve next year in advertising and marketing.

Amit Deshpande, Global Chief Marketing Sciences Officer — RAPP

"In 2023, generative AI represented the bleeding edge of AI. Marcus Thomas has used AI tools across almost all of our departments for over a decade to help deliver solutions more effectively and efficiently, but we approached generative AI very cautiously given its general experimental state. 2023 was a year of experimenting with the technology; understanding its strengths, weaknesses, and risks; and developing plans for when, where, and how it would be appropriate to use.

2024 is likely to bring a harsh dose of reality on the overhyping of generative AI: lofty expectations will not be bet, the legion of startups related to generative AI will see its ranks shrink, consolidation will happen with a handful of market leaders emerging, and legal battles will start to conclude and provide a great idea of how to think about generative AI from a legal perspective. (We can also only hope that companies stop touting generative AI as part of their solutions as they try to ride the hype cycle.) Toward the latter part of 2024, this shaking out will provide greater clarity on the future of generative AI: where it can provide the greatest value; how it can be leveraged in a safe, secure, and legal manner; and which providers are the most reliable and secure partners to use."

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